Doi Inthanon

The Roof of Thailand

Lanna countryside as seen on the way up Doi Inthanon.

Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s highest peak (2565m), is located in southern Chiang Mai province. ‘Doi’ is Lanna Thai for ‘mountain’ by the way.

It’s a nice drive through the countryside if you rent a motorbike from Chiang Mai, though a bit of a long one. It’s roughly two hours from the Old Town in Chiang Mai to the peak. The view is worth it though; pure Lanna highlands.

Views are the best from December to late February but bring a hoody and warm pants. Don’t drive up in shorts and a t-shirt on a motorbike; you’ll freeze your ass off.

In rainy season (late May to November) the view can be obscured by clouds and you may end up standing in a cloud-bank which, though a novel experience, is hardly worth the trip. Check the weather forecast before going.

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